About AHPI

This exciting publishing opportunity offers art historians seeking publication of their first book the chance to be part of a groundbreaking collaborative publishing project

A multi-press collaboration to create new publishing opportunities for scholars of art history.

The Art History Publication Initiative (AHPI), funded for nine years by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, supports four university presses in the publication of illustrated books by scholars across the discipline of art history. The presses acquire books individually but cooperate in the areas of permissions, production, electronic publication, and marketing. Authors whose books are selected for inclusion in AHPI will find many benefits, including:

  • Financial assistance and guidance in securing permission for illustrations
  • Publication in both print and electronic editions
  • A shared website hosting additional electronic enhancements to the book, including audio, video, illustrative material, animation, and podcasts
  • A strong marketing program, including both print and digital advertising